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Configuring rbenv on fish shell

25 Nov 2015

This weekend I made a clean install of OS X on my machine, and when I was about to install zsh and prezto again, I thought about trying out fish shell. So why not?

It’s not POSIX compatible, so there’s some gotchas. When installing rbenv, I had a couple problems when setting the environment variables and initializing the function.

First of all, fish does not have an EXPORT command. You set variable environments using SET. Another thing is that fish’s PATH is a list, instead of a semicolon- sepatared string. So, setting the path becomes:

set -x PATH $HOME/.rbenv/bin $PATH

Now, the trickiest and most difficult part to find on Google: setting up the rbenv function. rbenv’s README says you need to add eval "$(rbenv init -)" to your profile, but you first have to convert it to fish’s syntax. Add instead:

rbenv init - | source

TLDR: Add to your .config/fish/

set -x PATH $HOME/.rbenv/bin $PATH
rbenv init - | source
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